Krakatoa is a bona fide dive bar, and any complaints directed to it towards it via social media or Trip Advisor are like to elicit an unsympathetic response, which may well include poking fun at the complainant in a scathing manner laced with sarcasm. This is because from a 20th Century dive bar perspective, any such public outbursts are deemed undignified and therefore to merit a commensurate dose of “man the fuck up”. Correct protocol would be to utilise the following email account:

…but please be forewarned that even this avenue may invite a degree of bluntness and, depending on the nature of the complaint, the response may not be altogether sympathetic.

Those with a genuine grievance, whose sensibilities are likely to be offended by this level of authenticity, are advised instead to deal with us here at Black Cat (as opposed to Krakatoa) via the following channels:

1) Ask for Jamie in person. Jamie is the most customer focused among us (although that’s not saying much). However… Jamie has a low stress threshold and can and does have the odd brainstorm whereby he may react unpredictably. Therefore a significant portion of the complaints we receive do in fact relate to his conduct.

2) If your complaint is about Jamie then speak to Flash instead. While not the most approachable person, Flash will be extremely receptive to any criticism relating to Jamie.

3) Better yet, email us at:

This gives us time to mull things over, channel some empathy, and respond collectively with something at least approaching professionalism.

4) If you really must vent on social media, but can’t handle flack from the bar, then feel free to leave a review on the Black Cat Worker Collective Page instead, where we’re far more touchy feely, since your doing so would not directly impact on our livelihood.

5) If all else fails, then have a quiet word with Jimsin. He’s very discreet and will safeguard your identity from the rest of us.

If this seems alien to you, then perhaps the following essays will help you come to terms with dive bar culture:

Define Paradise – what a dive bar is.

Essense de la Dive Bar – what one has to offer.

Authenticity is the key, otherwise it ends with this level of farby bullshit; the attitude is intrinsic to the rest of the package. Being non-judgemental and discrete cuts both ways! With regard to this, the text of our internal social media policy may also prove enlightening.