Social Media Policy

Members, probationers, legacy employees, trainees, casual labourers, and any associated third parties shall refrain from interacting on social media in a manner that contradicts our mission, or in any way that jeopardises our common good.

Our mission is to cooperate a tiki dive bar and grassroots music venue for the good of the community. Dive bars espouse an egalitarian ethos, where everyone receives equality of treatment, regardless who they are, or their social circumstances/status. Dive bars are non-judgemental environments, where people are free to engage in any behaviour that does not risk harm to themselves, adversely impact on the enjoyment of other patrons, or put the liquor license at risk. The workforce must also exercise total discretion, in order that customers feel their anonymity shall remain intact outside of the establishment.

It is not for us to ‘out’ others for their behaviour, or pass judgement on their choices. Customer’s business is none of our business, except where they pose an obvious risk of harm to themselves or others, and even under such circumstances we must also endeavour to exercise absolute discretion.

Publicly passing judgement, shaming, or lack of discretion may alienate both the customer in question, their immediate circle of friends, and even the broader customer base. It also damages the bar’s reputation and risks bringing us into disrepute.

This policy extends outside of working hours, and even beyond the tenure of one’s actual service, and applies to statements whether they positively identify the individual(s) in question, or appear to allude to an individual or individual(s) by way of thinly veiled references. This policy also covers one’s statements about one’s friends and acquaintances, in addition to total strangers, provided the individual(s) in question fall within the customer base.

Material breaches of this policy shall result in immediate disciplinary action, regardless of any claims of mitigating circumstances:

Posting unproven allegations that could legally be construed as defamation per se, for example implying criminal behaviour, substance misuse, or sexual misconduct, shall warrant summary dismissal.

Posting inflammatory, abusive, or grossly indiscreet statements shall result in a written warning, a final written warning, or ultimately dismissal.

Posting moderately insulting or indiscrete statements shall initially result in a verbal warning followed by written warnings, and ultimately dismissal should such behaviour persists.

If in doubt, please refrain from posting comments targeted at customers, as ignorance will not constitute a valid excuse.

Workers should also endeavour to refrain from spreading gossip verbally or by any other means, as this policy does not magically render said behaviour somehow acceptable.