Your Spend

Bar takings and admission charges cover our operating costs and the performer fees.  Any surplus generated beyond that goes towards enhancing the local grassroots music scene, as per our community interest statement.  As a non-profit organisation we also benefit from cultural exemption of VAT on any admission charges to live music… further fuelling reinvestment.

Does Not Generate Profit

Community interest companies are asset locked, subject to a wage cap, and there does not exist any means to divest surplus as profit, or to pay out bonuses.

Does Not Grow Equity

Black Cat is a company limited by guarantee, does not contain share capital, and cannot issue equity.  Each member contributes a £1 stake, which cannot appreciate in value. Nobody can own a part of Black Cat, workers can only form part of it.  Neither are we crowd sourced.  The business is entirely funded through its own sales.  We don’t do equity for anyone, but we can promise to treat all our customers equally, and that means making our goods & services affordable for everyone.

Instead it Fucks the System

If you like what we stand for, and want to stick it to “The Man”, then vote with your wallet. Every penny you spend here is one more penny removed from the capitalist hegemony.  What you spend in the third sector, stays in the third sector.

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