Black Cat is a worker collective, and each member must spend a minimum of 80 hours working here, annually.  Members are co-owners of the business, and also serve on our board of directors. This necessitates a rigorous recruitment, training, and assimilation process. The advantages of membership are:

  • Complete autonomy in your own work.
  • Equality of power (there are no bosses).
  • A meaningful say in how Krakatoa functions.
  • Input into any financial decisions that may affect the business.
  • A vote in membership ballots.
  • Participation in all the important decisions that affect you including:
    • your designated duties;
    • your level of responsibility;
    • the hours that you work;
    • the shift pattern;
    • remuneration levels;
    • the benefits package;
    • the terms & conditions of membership.

For further information on worker self management please visit the praxis section.

Existing members are entitled to uptake any vacancies, which they possess the necessary skills for, and most regular shifts are filled by this mechanism. We also maintain a pool of casual/relief workers that we can offer relief bar shifts to, and this is where most recruitment occurs.  Beyond that there’s even scope to volunteer.

Apply Now

Prospective candidates must:

  1. Pass a lengthy interview.
  2. Pay a small deposit on training materials.
  3. Undergo a training shift.
  4. Complete an orientation period.
  5. Receive instruction on collective working practices, and pass verbal exams.
  6. Serve as a probationary member.
  7. Be voted in by a consensus of existing members.

The entire process takes one year to conclude. Click here in order to apply, explaining why you’d like to join us, and what you could bring to the party.  The more engaging your pitch, the better your chances of securing an interview.