Support Worker Self-Management

Little known fact but the cooperative movement even has it’s own political arm, the Cooperative Party, which boasts 37 MPs and 7 MSPs.  It’s possible to join for between £1 – £5 per month depending on your circumstances.

The Solidarity Federation (SolFed) is an anarcho-syndicalist union affiliated to the International Workers Association (IWA).  There are SolFed locals throughout the UK.

Industrial Workers of The World (IWW) is “one big union” that everyone should also consider becoming a member of.  It costs upwards of £1 per month to join depending on earnings.

SolidFund exists to support and develop worker cooperatives.

Here are some worker cooperatives trading in Aberdeen – please grace them with your custom:

Krakatoa is your local dive bar, and the workplace of Black Cat.

Our friends at Bonobo Tribe who run a wonderful vegan cafe.

Bridgefoot Organic Cooperative, who produce fresh fruit and vegetables on Bridgefoot Organic Farm, and deliver these to your door.

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative have a small national chain of (you guessed it) bicycle shops.

And Join Consumer Coops 

And there are also consumer coops that anyone can join.

Co-operative Energy provide gas end electric.

The Phone Coop provides broadband, cellular, and telephone.

If you feel there are any other coops or organisations that should be listed here, then please contact us.