Be Inspired

Interested to find out more about why worker collectives exist, and how one functions?

A good place to start is UK Cooperatives , which is a member of the International Cooperative Alliance.  Next stop is Social Enterprise UK, followed by Community Companies.  There’s also Industrial Workers of the World, the union whose historic mission is to bring about the end of capitalism.

Dig Deeper

You can also:

  • Watch numerous videos on post-capitalist topics.
  • Read some useful articles covering this subject matter.
  • Study the handbook that was assembled during our transition to a worker collective.
  • If our approach seems too hardcore, then Radical Routes has published something a little softer.
  • There’s also Cooperantics, which can provide training and consultancy, to help people work together in non-hierarchal structures.
  • Consult the wikipedia entry on anarcho-syndicalism.
  • And be sure to check out An Anarchist FAQ, over 20 years and 2,000 pages of effort have been expended on this magnum opus of non-hierarchal organisation and anti-capitalism.  It’s also the sort of reference guide that you freely can dip in and out of.

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