Bezos Wealth Comparison

Just how wealthy is Jeff Bezos? Turns out he’s so wealthy that it’s hard to apply any context… but we’ll try.

Attempt #1 – with Pixels

A high 1080p screen is needed in order for this to resolve all the way down to the first world worker under zoom. Sadly even a 4K screen wouldn’t be sufficient to resolve a third world worker, so we didn’t include one. You get the idea though.

you’ll need to download this photo to zoom in

Attempt #2 – Setting Fire to Money

Attempt #3 – Weighing Rice

One guy did it with rice, but that was when Jeff was only worth $122Bn, now he’s worth $178Bn, still it gives you some idea, if you just imagine adding another sack…

Attempt #4 – Time

The median US citizen would have to labour for over 3 million years (without spending any of their salary), in order to amass a fortune comparable Jeff’s. The median person in the world, would have to labour for almost 40 million years to accumulate that amount. That’s 200x longer than the 200,000 years or so that humans have walked the earth, almost ⅔ of the time elapsed since the Jurassic.

What ‘people’ looked like 40 million years ago

Attempt #5 – Cocaine

If the median 35 year old US citizen invested their entire net worth in cocaine, then they’d be able to afford around a third of a kilo (street value). Jeff Bezos net worth would translate into a stash that weighed as much as a medium sized naval aircraft carrier.

this weight in cocaine