If you’ve arrived here then it’s because you’ve been redirected from Krakatoa’s page entitled “Social Misconduct”, and the associated signage scattered throughout the bar.

Krakatoa is a dive bar, and as such it champions fundamental correctness, rather than political correctness. The distinction being that fundamental correctness is deemed to reside in the conscience, whereas political correctness is centred around avoiding giving offence. At its most rudimentary, fundamental correctness is encapsulated by “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. In the absence of any provisos this amounts to a gross oversimplification, granted… but it works just fine as a rule of thumb. Therein, from the egalitarian perspective, that which is just can never be offensive. End of.


There’s been a small amount of negative feedback in relation to this, all of it rooted in political correctness, and Black Cat would like to address each of these points:

C1) It appears to be gender biased towards women.

R1) That’s also true sexual harassment. While there haven’t been many academic studies on this, the most credible one indicates a strong bias towards women. Here’s the summary table…

C2) The cartoon on the signage fails to address same sex harassment, or that targeted towards non-binary people.

R2) Surely it’s presumptive to apply gender norms in respect of the stick figures depicted on the sign? If you want to fully transverse the political correctness wormhole, then this is where it leads to.

C3) The gag with the blow up doll gives the impression that harassment is synonymous with dirty old men, and fails to take account of the deeper power dynamic.

R3) Is there a better way to reflect the power dynamic than to evoke the domination inherent in using a ‘love’ doll? These dolls primarily cater for those who want something compliant that is incapable of withholding consent. Yet here you are drawing misinformed conclusions around the fetishes common among ‘dirty old men’.

Closing Argument

The chief function of dive bar signage is to shame people. Humour is used to draw attention to an issue, summarised in the bluntest terms, whilst being fundamentally correct in its assessment. These signs are intended to ridicule and cause maximum offence to those they are targeted at, thereby acting as a passive deterrent in their own right. They exist to stimulate the critical faculties.

Substitute political correctness for fundamental correctness, and a dive bar becomes what… a safe space for the judgemental and those with an authoritarian mindset? No thanks!