“…but Democratic Socialism…”

The Myth of Broad Appeal

The notion that Labour must encompass a broad church in order to win elections is nonsense. The Tories are institutionally rightwing and elitist. Their token nod to a broad church was allowing the likes of Ken Clarke to participate in the party.

the joy of screwing the poor is palpable

The Tories win elections on an economic agenda that favours the capitalist class.  They promote what passes as a manifesto via the BBC and the billionaire controlled media.  The former employs the patronising tone of our ‘betters’, whilst the latter engages in a three pronged campaign upon the rest of society.  

“he’s literally Lenin”

PR Aspects of Class Warfare

Pseudo leftwing broadsheets aimed at intellectuals provide a platform for columnists who espouse a twisted centrist logic… with the likes of Owen Jones tossed in to add some leftist legitimacy to all that word salad.

the word salad case for centrism

The petite bourgeoise are targeted with harsh appeals to individual responsibility.  Commentators ‘splain that poverty is caused by laziness and poor choices, and how taxation mainly functions so that benefit scroungers can rob enterprising people of their hard-won earnings.  

“…stealing food from your mouth…”

Meanwhile the tabloids are hitting up the less literate with a relentless and bigoted populist narrative, one that blames various minorities (migrants, feminists, gays, intellectuals, blacks, socialists, and the poor) for the damage that neoliberal policies have wreaked upon society.  

dehumanising a minority

The Political Cycle

Periodically (around once in a generation) life becomes so grim for so many people, that the left capitulates and lends its support to the so-called centre.  The outcome is a ‘reformed’ Labour Party that vehemently rejects democratic socialism in favour of a kindler gentler capitalism, and whose policies are all but indistinguishable from those of a wet Tory Party.  

New Labour were just Wet Tories

The downward march then resumes on a gentler slope… until the working class realises it has been betrayed, and ‘punishes‘ Labour by reelecting the Tories.  Thus we come full circle.

“Working Class Votes Tory to Punish Labour”

The reality is that we live in a totalitarian capitalist state, where the establishment will never permit the election of a democratic socialist government. 

Establishment Histrionics

Outside of the BBC, the bulk of the propaganda apparatus is privatised, rather than being state controlled.  Its insidious machinations weren’t particularly visible until 2015, when the threat Corbyn posed to billionaire interests precipitated a melodramatic meltdown.  Suddenly the lifelong antiracist and peace campaigner was supposedly a racist terrorist… as exclusively revealed in a histrionic media orgy of epic proportions.  

It must have been true because they were all so shrill and insistent – right?

”No smoke without fire!” – arsonists

It now appears as though those in power would even go so far as to rig the postal ballot – if that’s what it took.  They didn’t on this occasion… but only because on err “sampling the postal votes” they deduced that no further action was necessary.  Five decades of tabloid propaganda had gotten the job done already. The BBC then glibly informed us [paraphrasing here] that “resistance is futile, and anyway it’s going to rain (so no point in heading to the polls).”  

nothing to see here

Don’t Fall for the Rope-a-Dope

Politics is a distraction.  Time after time the left is suckered into punching itself out.  We need to stop wasting energy on a game that is so obviously rigged against us.

it’s a trap

Build from the Bottom Up

Real change can only be effected through positive direct action.  The only viable recourse is to start building a new society within the shell of this one, from the bottom up, by gradually implementing a cooperative economy ourselves.

the grassroots approach to real change

Bogus Criticism

The common criticism of this approach is that “it takes too long, and all this time people are suffering/dying”.  Well – now hear us out – people have been suffering/dying throughout the entirety of the time that every UK national over the age of 18 has been entrusted with the right to vote! Ninety years have already passed, some twenty four opportunities to end suffering have come and gone a begging.  Only once, back in 1945, did we succeed in bringing about actual positive change! Thousands of avoidable deaths have occurred… and are still occurring.  Voting isn’t making the slightest bit of a difference; it just makes us feel better because at least we ‘tried’.  

ok FAKE NEWS he didn’t actually say this

It’s Time to Act

If you’d like to know more about founding, organising and operating an anarchal (non-profit non-hierarchal) workplace, a collective business that operates for the benefit of the community, then please get in touch.

Together we can restructure society.

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